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What is the Orlando Sign Setters client onboarding process?

First, we coordinate the appropriate services for you and your team.

Once your request is confirmed, we will coordinate pick-up of your signs before your initial service.

Upon completing your request, your materials will be gathered, stored, and cleaned to be ready for your subsequent booking.

How soon in advance do I need to book?

We appreciate a minimum of 24 hours in advance notice. We can accept same day bookings with a 3-5 hour notice, which are subject to availability.

How far in advance do I need to pay, and which type of payment options do you accept?

If you would like to pay in advance before your Open House, we can collect your payment in person when we collect your signs for your showing. Otherwise, after your Open House has ended, you will be sent an invoice. We accept all major credit cards, ACH, and checks.

What if a sign gets lost or damaged?

Orlando Sign Setters is not liable for damaged, lost, or stolen signs after sign set up. Sign counts are obtained at the end of day after removal.

How do I know where my signs will be displayed?

They will be placed in the best available locations determined by us to bring traffic to your open house. Please note that if any construction, maintenance, or special day events occur during your event, we will make live adjustments to cater an alternative & effective route to the property.

What if I don't see a package that fits my needs?

Simply contact us and we can customize a package for you.

Is there an additional charge to store my signs?

No. As your new marketing concierge, we will store your signs for future bookings at no additional cost.

Are there any additional fees?

We currently offer our services throughout Lake and Orange County. Different rates may apply to some extended regions around the Orlando and Central Florida vicinities.

Is there an additional fee if my Open House is longer than average?

No matter the duration of your Open House, there is no additional charge.

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